10 Cars Which Revolutionised Motoring

Timothy Alcock May 30, 2013 0

The motor industry may be totally different today if it wasn’t for a handful of cars which revolutionised motoring.

You may not totally agree with us but we have put together a list of ten cars which have shaped the motor industry.  So fasten your seatbelt and get ready to be reminded of the cars which shaped the motor industry as we know it.

mERCEDES 300SLThe Mercedes 300SL Gullwing-  The Style Icon

Without this car many celebrities, rap artists and motor collectors wouldn’t be able to step out of gull-wing doors as they arrive at events all over the globe. The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing was the first ever car to have doors which resembled the wings of a bird. Not only is it one of the most beautiful cars ever to grace the road but it was also the first ever petrol – powered car to use fuel injection.

If that doesn’t justify its position in our list you may also be interested to know that it was the fastest car of its time with a top speed of 161mph!

The Mercedes 300SL Gullwing is like gold dust to motor collectors with some mod

els being advertised at over $1,000,000. Not exactly a steal but by god they are beautiful, just look at the red leather seats.  It’s safe to say that the Mercedes 300SL Gullwing transformed ca

r design and pushed motoring in a new exciting direction.


The Aston Martin DB5 – The First Cinematic James Bond

No list would be complete without the Aston Martin DB5.  The DB5 was the first cinematic James Bond car which made its first on screen appearance in Goldfinger in 1964. Since its release in 1963 it has become the quintessential Bond mobile and still continues to make grown men swoon.

The DB series was named after David Brown the head of Aston Martin to celebrate his contribution to the brand until the company was sold in 1972 to the Birmingham based company, Company Developments.

Although no ejector seat is present in the vehicle, the DB5 is possibly the favourite of all the cars featured in the Bond series and came with some unusual additions such as a fire extinguisher!

A number of models followed such as the DB5 convertible in 1963 and the DB5 Vantage in 1964.The DB5 is undoubtedly one of the most iconic cars of all time which we don’t see being forgotten any time soon, as both Bond fans and many motor enthusiasts will still consider it the holy grail of the motoring world.

Lamborghini MiuraLamborghini Miura – The First Supercar

Produced by the Italian company between 1966 and 1972 the Mura is widely considered as the car which kick started high performance sports vehicles. At its launch it was the fastest production road car available.

The Miura continued to be updated up until 1972 and wasn’t replaced with a new model until 1974 which is when the Countach entered production. Can you imagine driving the first ever supercar?

The original model would have you back $20,000 in 1972  which doesn’t sound like a huge sum of money but in today’s market this would have been around $114,000. Of you still aren’t convinced you may be interested to know that the Miura was that spectacular that it was chosen for the opening scene of the Italian Job!

Bugatti veyronBuggati Veyron- The fastest road car of all time
We all know about the extraordinary Bugatti Veyron but we had to mention  it on the list as it is still the fastest road car of all time. Countless motors have tried to compete with the Top Gear Car of the Decade but none have come close to thrashing this champion.

Not that this is a surprise as the Veyron can reach an astounding 267mph and 8 litre turbo engines gives you an insane 987 brake horsepower.The decision to produce the car in August 2003 by the Volkswagen group was possibly one of their best moves with football stars flocking to get their hands on the Bugatti Veyron.

Since its release it has been praised by numerous television programs such as Top Gear, it has also been featured in the Guinness World Records and costs a ridiculous £1 ,000,000. We can’t see it being moved from out list any time soon!

FERRARIFerrari F40 – The Best All Round Super Car

The Ferrari F40 is considered the best all round super car ever by Jeremy Clarkson and until this day it is still recognised as one of the best super cars ever released, with some crazy motorists shelling out a reported $1.6 million to have one.

The F40 was built to celebrate Ferrari’s 40th anniversary from 1987 to 1992 as the successor to the Ferrari 288 GTO. At the time of release it was the fastest and also the most expensive car that had ever been produced by Ferrari to be sold to the public.

The car was released with with a $400,000 price tag in 1987 which would be the equivalent of around $817,500 if you bought today. http://www.youtube.com/embed/Vrq8CVHEFb4


Mclaren f1The McLaren F1 –  Super car reinvention 

The British made F1 revolutionised car design around the world and went on to break numerous speed records since its release in 1991. In 1998 production ended but its name and legacy live on as it’s still mentioned as a super car which changed the world.

Not only is the McLaren F1 super car royalty but it is also the first production car to have a monocoque carbon- fibre chassis.

For an astronomical $810,000 in 1994 you could drive one away but today it’s a different story with limited edition models now being sold for £3.5 million making it the most expensive modern super car ever sold.


E type jagE type jaguar – Most beautiful British motor

The E- Type Jaguar was manufactured in Britain by Jaguar Cars Ltd in 1961 and ended production of the popular model in 1974. The E-Type was successful due to its styling and competitive price.  The E-Type  instantly became THE car to own in the 60’s.

In 2008 The Daily Telegraph published a list of the ‘100 Most Beautiful Cars’ and low and behold the Jaguar E-Type entered at number one beating off all sorts of stiff competition proving that British motoring can be just as beautiful as German and Italian creations.

The following cars may not be worth millions but they certainly left their mark on millions of motorists and produced a large number of sales. These cars cater for a different market but still have followers all around the globe and pushed the motor industry uncharted exterior.

Mini CooperThe Mini –  The smallest British Icon

The small economy car made by the British Motor Company is considered an icon of the 1960s due to its quirky looks and space-saving design. In 1999 the Mini was voted the second Most Influential Car of the 20th Century behind the Ford Model T. The Mini is also considered the British equivalent of the German Volkswagen Beetle and the dispute of which is best still continues today even though both cars have been redesigned for the modern motorist.

The car wasn’t invented just to be stylish as one of the reasons it was produced was because of the fuel shortage caused by the 1956 Suez Crisis, where petrol was rationed leaving a gap in the market for smaller more economical cars.

Once released the Mini became an instant hit with motorists due to its size and performance. Many variations were released such as the Mini Van, Mini Pick-up and the desirable Mini Cooper.

The Mini really changed the way in which cars were designed. Instead of large fuel guzzling motors, automotive companies started to design and produce smaller more economical cars instead.

In 2001  the Mini was reborn by German manufacturer BMW. Although they aren’t British any more they are still seen to be cool and fashionable car to drive here in the UK with 1000’s being sold every year. BMW have changed their look which many dislike but the upside to the change is that MINI will still continue to be a popular car all over the world.

delorean_01The DeLorean DMC-12- The first car to travel in time

The first and only model to be produced by the company and also the first car to travel in time. Production of the DeLorean began in Belfast, Northern Ireland in 1981.  It wasn’t until 1985 that it shot to fame when it was featured in ‘Back to the Future‘ as a time machine driven by Marty Mcfly.

The DeLorean owe part of its look to the Mercedes 300sl Gull Wing and without them it may not have been so memorable.  Despite the factory having to close 9,000 still made it out to the public before production gridded to a halt in 1982. It certainly changed our minds on what kind of car we wanted once we had seen it transport back in time!


Henry Ford's Model THenry Ford’s Model T- First affordable motor vehicle.

With a purchase price of $825 in 1908 the Model T created by Henry Ford was the world’s first production vehicle. Over ten thousand were sold in its first year of production and by 1914 Ford claimed 48% of the automotive market. The Model T only had 2 forward gears, 20 horsepower and no doors yet they still continued to fly off the production line.  Although this was not the first ever car invented it was the first motor vehicle which was in reach of purchase by thousands and is regarded as the first affordable motor vehicle.

Without the Model T the story of the automotive may be quite different, who knows where it would be today.  If  Henry Ford had not strived to build an affordable auto mobile the progression of motoring would have been much slower and maybe even put many people off owning a vehicle all together which is why the Model T has to be the most revolutionary vehicle of the past century as it kick started motoring.