An overview of the Volvo car company

Timothy Alcock March 27, 2011 4

A brief history of the Volvo car company.

A short article covering the history and iconic vehicles of Volvo.

Volvo was founded in the 1920s by Swedish entrepreneurs Assar Babrielsson and Gustaf Larsson. The company released its first model, the Volvo OV 4, in April 1927. This model featured an open carriage, 4 gears (including reverse) and could reach a maximum speed of 56 mph. The company produced its first truck the ‘Series 1’ in 1928 - this vehicle was instantly met with critical acclaim and success on the commercial market. The Series 1 was also the first Volvo vehicle that garnered interest from other countries.By mid 1932 Volvo had reached the milestone of producing 10,000 vehicles. During this period the company also focused on the production of marine engines with the development of engines such as the U-21. Volvo also added public transport and aircraft to its portfolio during the 1940s. This included the manufacturing off the B1 bus. To deal with the increase in manufacturing and demand Volvo opened the Volvo Halifax Assembly plant in Canada – this was the company’s first outside of Sweden.

During the 1950s the company enjoyed success with models such as the PV444. This car earned Volvo a place on the American market. Throughout the 1960s the company continued to build on its reputation for producing fine quality sports cars. A prime example of this would be the P1800 which became something of a cult icon thanks to its inclusion in the popular TV show ‘The Saint’ with Roger Moore. In January 1999 the Volvo Group sold the Volvo Car Corporation to the Ford Motor Company for $6.45 billion. Subsequently Volvo Cars was then sold to China’s Zhejiang Geely Holding Group in 2010. Currently the company is enjoying success with vehicles such as the C30 Coupe, the S60 saloon and the V50 estate.