Drive home is our favourite car journey

Timothy Alcock February 7, 2011 0

A survey by Halfords has found that the drive home is our favourite journey.

The nation’s ultimate car journey is a trip home to see family or loved ones.

A new survey conducted by Halfords has found that for most drivers their favourite car journey is a trip home to see friends, family and loved ones. Around 2,000 drivers were quizzed on their favourite journeys and the top vote was given to a car ride that took us home.

Of those asked, ninety per cent travelled home with the help of a satnav system so that they wouldn’t get lost.

Motorists gave extra plus points to scenic routes home that took them through some of the more breathtaking scenery of the UK. It was found that drivers were particularly keen on trips that cut through picturesque areas of the Scottish Highlands. Another favourite route which drivers loved to travel on a trip home to their family was a trip via the Cornish Riviera.

Routes which did not meet the standards of the homeward bound motorist included those which were riddled with potholes, roads which had a high number of speed cameras along them and areas which were prone to high levels of congestion and traffic jams.

Motorway routes such as the M1, the M6 and the M40 were all rated higher than the driving experience on Britain’s A roads as they were thought to provide a ‘smoother driving experience’. Well-kept roads mean that drivers have fewer breakdowns which can help motorists lower their insurance premiums.