How to defrost your car quickly

Timothy Alcock December 14, 2012 0

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As you’ve probably noticed the weather is getting colder and it also takes you at least an extra 5 minutes to get out of bed in the morning.

For motorists everywhere it can be hard to pull yourself from your duvet as you know you have to defrost your car before you make your way to work. YAWWN!!

To make matters worse you have no idea where to start and some methods work much better than others.We know about the CD case and it wasn’t as successful as you though it was, so save yourself the rush in the mornings make sure you know how to defrost your car correctly.

Firstly put your most unflattering winter hat on and gloves then turn your car engine on.  If you car looks like the Snowman from the John Lewis Advert make sure the air conditioning is on full and the appropriate buttons are pushed to get your windscreen and back window warmed up.

Secondly spray either de-icer or luke warm water onto the windscreen, mirrors and car windows. Only do this once your car has warmed up a little though or you may find that the water of de-icer begins to freeze again. This happened to me and it took a further ten minutes for my car to defrost.

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Now get your scraper and remove the ice from your windscreen. If your car has began to defrost it will be much easier than if you had scraped it when it was cold.

Once the bulk of the ice has started to melt turn your windscreen wipers on to clear the rest of your windscreen. If you do this too soon your windscreen wiper blades will stick to the screen and cause them to break.

Now you should be able to see very clearly through all of your windows! To make life a little easier for yourself use at least 10% anti freeze in your windscreen fluid which will stop it freezing over.

Other things to remember when defrosting your car is not to leave it unattended. Don’t ruin your Christmas by giving thieves an early Christmas present!

If you haven’t used your car for awhile or it has been left idle then it’s a good idea to check your car battery as you don’t want to find yourself waiting for a recovery team.

Do not pour boiling water over any part of your car especially the glass as it will cause it to shatter.

Always use a scraper designed for scraping windscreens as credit cards and CD cases will scratch your windscreen.

A search conducted by Autoglym  found that of the 1000  people they interviewed over 5 percent of people had used alcoholic drinks instead of de-icer to clear their windscreens and 55% had used kitchen items such as spatulas to remove ice from their cars. After reading the tips above we hope that you think twice next time you reach for your CD case to scrape your windscreen.