Road Rage: Amazingly Ridiculous Traffic Laws From Around The World

Timothy Alcock July 5, 2013 0
Road Rage: Amazingly Ridiculous Traffic Laws From Around The World

As mentioned in this post last week, there are some strange places to drive around the world.

Whilst it is refreshing that many countries have their own unique identity, culture and way of life, itís also apparent that they have a variety of ridiculous and insane traffic laws to go alongside.


Top Gear: Croatia came with itís own side order of crazy.


For most holiday makers, thereís nothing like leasing a car (convertible of course), and taking the family around places like Europe to sample the veritable smorgasbord of culture available.

Just remember that the way you drive may not exactly gel with the rules of the road over there….

  • Denmark has safety on the brain apparently. Amazingly, itís the law that before you even get into a car, you must first check under it for sleeping children. Because thatís the first place tired kids like to go, isnít it? You risk a hefty fine for not doing this. Why? Because Denmark.

  • Take a trip to Manila and you might not even get to drive on the road at all! Because of the massive congestion in the city, laws exist that designate certain vehicles with specific codes for specific days. This means that many cars are legally not allowed on the roads on a Monday!

  • If you wear glasses to drive, then take extra care in Spain. If you donít keep a spare pair of prescription glasses with you in the car, then itís a fine for you!

  • America has some pretty wild individual state driving laws. For example, if youíre driving in California, then donít attempt to shoot wild game from a moving vehicle. Itís highly illegal. Makes sense, right? Oh, I forgot, itís totally ok for you to do it if youíre shooting at a whale.


Just like a whale. Brings a knife to a gunfight.


  • Do not speed in Holland. Seriously, just donít. If you are caught driving double the speed limit, the law states that police are well within their rights to take your car away from you. And never give it back. Which is just what happened to a young man who was driving his fatherís car. Which happened to be a 1.8 million Euro Bugatti Veyron. Bad times indeed.

As mentioned, America is pretty insane when it comes to driving laws. Hereís an infographic highlighting some of the more interesting ones. Have you experienced any migraine inducing traffic violations whilst on holiday? Let us know!


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