Should I consider a car sharing scheme?

Timothy Alcock April 2, 2013 3

Car shareYour daily commute may not be the most enjoyable part of your day but it can be easy improved!

How can your commute be improved? Simple, start sharing lifts!

This month on BBC1 there’s a new comedy coming to our screens features a bunch of people thrown together for their companies car sharing scheme. A great idea which will no doubt be hilarious. Regardless of how fictitious the program is, it does make you wonder if you could save any money having a passenger.

Over the past few years car sharing websites have cropped up allowing you to join for free, and search for a car sharing partner. Once signed up you simply look for a match who you would like to hitch a lift with for a set price. Alternatively instead you can offer your car to passengers to help them get to work without having to use public transport. It’s win win for both parties especially with the rising cost of petrol and public transport.

One car sharing company BlaBlaCar encourages users to link their Facebook profile to their car sharing profile. Having both a picture and a description of members puts you at ease when contacting them.Car sharing can also help you to save money on your journey regardless of which method you use. You will also reduce your carbon footprint and meet new interesting people in your area which has to be a good thing!

Another site which you may want to visit is Liftshare if you are looking to find someone to share your commute with. It is free to join and has over 500,000 members all looking to cut their travel expenses. The site also has an interesting savings calculator which told me personally that I could save over £1000 with a C02 saving equivalent of offsetting 73 trees! Which is quite phenomenal!

Once you have become a member of a lift sharing site and found a potential car companion it is always advisable to meet up before hand in a public place with a friend, so that you can decide if you get along with each other. Even though the vast majority of people looking for a car share are genuine, it’s always best to meet them before hand.

Over the next 12 months we imagine that people will really begin to sing the praises of car sharing schemes as they can save you vast amounts of money, but our advice is to get ahead and sign up now to start saving today!

  • BlaBlaCar UK

    Car sharing is a great way to save on money whilst travelling, we have 3 million members who think so too! There are 18,000 people who car share through BlaBlaCar thanks in part to our focus on creating a trusted community where members are rated by previous car sharers and members are encouraged to link their Facebook profiles and upload a picture and description of themselves!

  • Central Contracts

    Thanks for the comment BlaBlaCar! Car sharing is it is a great way to save on travelling the only downer is that it hasn’t spread to less build up areas which is where many people would benefit as public transport isn’t as frequent. The Facebook profile linking is also a great way of gaining trust. Personally I wouldn’t like to pick someone who doesn’t even have a picture.. but it sounds like you have it all covered. How do you think you could encourage more people to sign up?

  • BlaBlaCar UK

    Thanks Central! You’re right about the less built-up areas, public transport in rural areas has been getting worse in recent years and hopefully car sharing is something that would really be of use to these areas!

    We’re always thinking of ways to get more people to sign up! Ideally having partners in local regions who help locals know about BlaBlaCar would help people signup. Did you have any ideas?