What to keep in your carís winter survival kit

Timothy Alcock January 3, 2014 0
What to keep in your carís winter survival kit

You should always carry a survival kit in your car in case of an emergency; however, in winter it is paramount that you do. It could save your life.

Winter can bring some spectacular snowy scenery, which many drivers arenít used to and arenít prepared to drive in. You need to be fully prepared and expect the unexpected. Here are a few things to include in your winter survival kit for your car:

Blankets/sleeping bag

If your car breaks down in winter, or you find yourself stuck, you will find that it can very quickly become cold without your engine running. By packing a warm blanket or a sleeping bag, you can keep yourself warm whilst you wait for help.

Jump leads

If your battery dies, jump leads will allow you to receive help off a fellow motorist.

Small shovel

A small shovel will be very useful if your vehicle gets stuck in the snow. It will allow you to dig around your wheel and free your car from the snow.

Warm coat, hat and gloves

If you canít turn your engine back on, your car will soon become very cold. A coat, hat and gloves will allow you to stay warm. You also may find that you have to stand outside the car and, if so, warm clothes will be vital for you to survive in winter conditions.

Winter driving2

Non-Perishable food

Food is essential to your survival if you become stranded. Straightforward non-perishable food such as nuts, dried fruit, crackers and sweets are ideal for your winter survival kit. They will help to keep your hunger at bay whilst you wait for help.


Being the obvious aid to survival, bottled water is needed in your kit.


As the winter nights get dark very quickly, a flashlight is vital to help you see in the dark. Also make sure you have spare batteries in case the flashlightís run out.

Cat litter

It may sound like a strange addition, but if you find yourself stuck in snow or ice and you do not have a four-wheel drive vehicle, sprinkle cat litter in front of your wheels. It offers excellent traction and will allow you to free your vehicle.

Ensure that you are prepared for winter diving with this winter survival kit for your car.

What do you think of this blog? Can you think of any more items to include in your winter survival kit? If so, please leave your comments below.

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