What Would Jesus Drive? 5 ‘humble’ cars suitable for priests

Timothy Alcock July 8, 2013 0
What Would Jesus Drive? 5 ‘humble’ cars suitable for priests

You may or may not have heard that, this week, Pope Francis admonished young priests and nuns for driving around in flashy cars with the latest smartphones and other gadgets.

He even went so far as to request that they choose Ďhumbleí cars if they must have them at all.

Itís all in an effort to make the Catholic Church more austere, and to focus more on helping the poor and needy, but we can all certainly take a leaf out of the Popeís book.

But what, precisely, is a humble car? Well, in Pope Francisí book, itís probably one that functions as a vehicle in the most basic of senses. But we probably want something a little bit more interesting than that and, luckily, itís now possible to buy a budget car that comes with some excellent extras and stunning features.

So, if youíre on the hunt for a budget car that will absolutely suit your price range, here are five of our humblest vehicles. And, while theyíre certainly budget, theyíre still pretty awesome:


  1. Ford Fiesta Hatchback

For a budget car, the Ford Fiesta is at the top of its game. It looks great, itís got fantastic handling and youíre sure to enjoy a comfortable ride in it. While it might not come with all the bells and whistles that some more expensive vehicles do, itís still a fantastic choice if youíre working to a tight budget.

Ford leasing quote: £99.99 p/m


  1. Fiat 500

This cute little car has been hugely popular since it first came back onto the market in 2007. One of the biggest benefits of the Fiat 500 is that itís incredibly safe – in fact, itís just about the safest supermini car around. If youíre after a little car you can nip around town with that wonít break the bank, this is the one for you.

Fiat leasing quote: £109.99 p/m


  1. KIA Picanto

The Kia Picanto comes with a whole host of gadgets and useful features that you might not expect such a cheap car to have. Itís also an attractive ride, with a stunning interior that youíre more likely to find on higher-priced cars!

Kia leasing quote: £99.99 p/m


  1. Peugeot 107

For a car that can handle both city and countryside driving, choose the Peugeot 107. This car is incredibly capable and comes with great looks, as well as excellent safety features that will set your mind at ease.

Peugeot leasing quote: £99.99


  1. Toyota Aygo

A little car with quirky looks and a surprisingly powerful engine, the Toyota Aygo is a car you can trust to get you from A to B without any difficulties. Itís built for city driving and manages to nip around very easily, and itís still an incredibly popular car.

Toyota leasing quote: £99.99

Do you have a favourite budget car?